Let’s Speek

Ask one of our expert clinical psychologists questions you may have about self injury in neurotypical or neurodiverse children.

“I felt understood for the first time”

The status quo isn’t good enough — so we’re changing it


Cost, stigma, and waitlists make getting help for self injury almost impossible. That’s why we do things differently at Speek. We’re proud to be…


Recovery is in sight at £50/month*. Because care shouldn’t be a luxury.
*50% off for families on DWP


No waitlists. Our experts answer your questions in the chat within 24 hours. So support is available any time, anywhere.


Through an evidence-based approach, our experienced clinicians actually understand what you’re going through and how to help

Your trajectory with Speek:


We create your personalised 6-12 session support plan.


We tailor our approach to exactly your experience and needs, and create a plan for your family’s recovery.


You build skills & knowledge with weekly videos & activities


Develop a comprehensive understanding of your child’s experience of self injury and learn tools to support them on the Speek app.


Your wellbeing is enhanced with group therapy led by clinical psychologists


Find your footing with 6-8 other parents, guided by highly experienced clinical psychologists. Make use of the community chat between sessions. You can choose to join anonymously.


You move towards recovery for your child & family


Equipped with knowledge, skills, and community support, you will be well on your way to helping your child recover.
The power of Speeking…


of parents say that they feel confident in supporting their child through episodes of self-harm at home
Mum of a 11 year old child, and Speek user for 6 months

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Mum of a 13 year old child, and Speek user for 3 months

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Mum of a 12 year old child, and Speek user for 3 months

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