The voices behind Speek

We know personally that when a young person struggles, so does the whole family. That’s why we’re determined to transform recovery from an isolating experience into a community affair. After all, much ill mental health is the consequence of loneliness. Community is the only antidote.

Recovery starts with Speeking.

Our team of experts

Dr Alex Bone

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology PGCert in CBT for Psychosis

Dr. Alex Bone, a UK clinical psychologist, specialises in family therapy, psychosis, and trauma/dissociation. She works with young adults experiencing first-episode psychosis, supervises research at the Salomons Institute, and conducts research on first-episode psychosis and Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD).

Dr Aysha Baloch

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology MSc in Psychiatric Research

Dr. Aysha Baloch, a Specialist Clinical Psychologist at the National and Specialist CAMHS Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression Clinic, specialises in child and adolescent mental health, focusing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and trauma in culturally diverse populations, with a keen interest in race, culture, and trauma.

Rhea Clemente

​​Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Trainee)

Rhea Clemente, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist, specializes in children’s mental health, researching interoception and anxiety, while also providing support for eating disorders and employing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in NHS mental health services.

Dr Iain Jordan

MB BCh BaO MSc MRCPI MRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Iain Jordan, a seasoned doctor in medicine and psychiatry, specialises in complexity science and healthcare informatics, with over 20 years of service in public health across the UK and Ireland. As a liaison consultant psychiatrist at Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundations Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer at The University of Oxford, he advocates for holistic health solutions, democratising psychological strategies for all.

Dr Lucinda Gledhil

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Dr. Lucinda Gledhill is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Maudsley Centre for Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders. She has specialised in working with young people and helping them heal from anxiety disorders and OCD. She has designed and delivered various therapeutic interventions for young people and their families. Her PhD focused on developing a training program for young people with anorexia nervosa.

Who we are and why we do it

From a young age, Nessrin silently battled with her mental health, which worsened despite professional help. After confiding in her parents, she saw significant progress and recovery. Now, as Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Speek, she leverages her experience in NHS psychological services and healthtech startups to develop mental health interventions for the Speek community.

At 11, Kanu saw a family member’s severe mental illness impact her family, leading her mother into depression. She felt lost and unsure of where to seek help. Now, as Co-Founder & CEO at Speek, Kanu uses over 17 years of health-tech experience and her expertise in biotechnology and management from LSE to navigate the healthcare industry and lead organisations to success.

“It was through our shared vulnerability about our experiences that we first connected as friends. Through our individual experiences, we both came to believe that mental health care needed a total overhaul, and knew that an effective solution had to involve not only the individual, but their family, too.”

Together, we make recovery possible for families of children who self-harm